Rockstar Advertising Sales Account Executive - STL Area

This 30-year-old and growing, Advertising Media Solutions Company, Ad Pages, is now seeking a Rockstar Advertising Sales Account Executive for the St Louis Ad Pages.

While it isn’t always easy to find, we are looking for the perfect team member to come grow with us. If you think you have what it takes, are a self-starter with a tireless work ethic, looking for the ability to grow yourself, your income, and control your own destiny while helping businesses grow, you might want to keep reading.

This role is an commission-based work out of the home and in your local territory role that allows freedom and flexibility, uncapped income potential, with an employee status, benefits (including a matching 401k) as well as, many other regular incentives.

While there is a lot of flexibility afforded to this position, it is an employee position with goals and requirements that must be met. You must have the same passion for business as we do.

.… Here is some of what you might want to know….

30 years ago, our Founder and current owner Bill Squiric created Ad Pages to solve a need in the market. He saw the opportunity to help small businesses expand their reach to local audiences at a very fair price. By creating an affordable “shared” mail piece filled with valuable offers from local businesses, distributed directly to demographically-targeted homeowners within a small radius of business owners’ shops, the idea of “Ad Pages” was born. From that single 20,000 copy publication in Plano, TX, an entire industry was formed.

Over the years Ad Pages has continued to grow including the addition of the St Louis Ad Pages 10 years ago. Many “copy-cat” publications have come and gone, but Ad Pages has continued to remain a staple and continues to grow because we have stayed true to our roots – bringing valuable savings to consumers and helping businesses grow. Now, more than 26 million copies of Ad Pages are distributed annually to households in nearly 100 cities across MO and TX. In addition to print advertising solutions, we also have digital offerings that continue to evolve and innovate.

Our current team of 50 Sales Executives are responsible for helping 1000’s of advertisers grow their businesses on a regular basis. Our outstanding support and production staff continue to build on the values instilled by our founder - quality, service, integrity, profitability, and leadership. We have always been and remain debt-free. We are an agile, yet powerful provider of advertising services that continues to innovate, while staying focused - providing results for our customers.

What sets us apart are two things: geographic focus and character

We focus on MO and TX, which gives us a huge advantage. We have the largest distribution of any shared direct mail publication in our markets. Our geographic density combined with frequency and consistency gives us the upper hand when it comes to results for our clients.

An incredibly consistent culture based on 5 distinguishing characteristics: Quality, Service, Integrity, Profitability, and Leadership. (When you meet our team, you’ll understand these aren’t just words to us).

And it works… the results from our clients speak for themselves. We have many customers that have been with us since the beginning - either our beginning, or theirs…. they have grown alongside us. This is very rare in today’s culture…. but by sticking to our core values and characteristics, we have been, and continue to be, very successful.

This is where you come in...

Reporting directly to the St Louis Sales Manager, you’ll join a sales team that shares the companies’ same core competencies.

Your character must have these components and you must reside in the St. Louis Area


This is a both a hunting (seeking) and farming (cultivate and growing long-term relationships) position, with very little outside lead support. You must be comfortable with cold-calling with minimal supervision. You need to have a “If it is to be, then it is up to me” attitude. You should be able to cold call 20+ new businesses per day, set appointments with owners and decision makers, create a clear follow up program with potential advertisers, and organize and track sales activity. We provide the provide the effort. This is an opportunity for someone who is self-disciplined, hungry, social, organized, and has a basic understanding of how advertising can help local businesses grow, we can teach the rest.

Track Record of Success:

A background in advertising sales is NOT a prerequisite for this role...a track record of success IS. Do you excel in your current role? Do you want to continue to be a top performer - a Rockstar? Let’s chat!

Unwavering Work Ethic:

Point blank…. Sales is hard. Let’s face it…. you are going to get rejected and knocked down...repeatedly. What separates you from the pack, is that you get back up...time and time again. It is that “can’t lose” attitude that has gotten you this far. Let’s apply your hard work and passion to our products and make some serious money together!

Willingness to Learn:

Nobody was born an “Advertising Expert” ...and nobody at our company knows everything about advertising sales. But one thing all our employees have in common is their willingness to continue learning. We expect the same from you...but we did not have to tell you that...after-all…. you made it this far in this posting!

Love a Challenge:

The challenges are great (as are the rewards). Small businesses have limited funds, yet they’re approached by a plethora of marketing opportunities. So, we must distinguish ourselves – by both our results & our character. Our message needs to be tight, differentiated, and impactful. That’s what makes you so important. Ready for the challenge?

Unbridled Earning Potential:

You are a Rockstar...your compensation should reflect that. You don’t place a limit on your earning why should we? Our top performers take full advantage of our generous commission structure...but it is not is earned. Do you have what it takes to be a Rockstar for our company?

If you share these traits, let’s have a conversation. (Confidential, of course)